Blogging is an inbound marketing strategy.

Just having a blog won’t entice your adiene to spontaneously appear, but in conjunction with our marketing techniques, you can use it for some very powerful purposes.

Establish Authority

Billed as the new business card, blogs introduce you to an audience. You can show your audience that you know what you’re talking about so they see that you not only have an understanding, but a mastery of your topic.

Build Rapport

If you blog regularly, then your audience will have a strong chance of coming back. This happens as they get used to your message and begin to trust you.

Tell your story

Blogging gives you a voice. It is your platform to invite others to hear what you have to say. IF they like the way you speak then you have the opportunity to continue the conversation in other venues such as drawing them to your email list or social media channels.

The SEO advantage

The added bonus of blogging is to add more content and pages for SEO purposes. With more relevant content, you secure your SEO position.


When you choose our blogging package, you decided the frequency and length of the pieces. We go with semi-autonomous with fully researched pieces or we can ghost write the research that you have already compiled.

We work closely with you to choose the proper keyword terms for SEO and establish a consistent voice that engages and informs your audience.