social media management

What is social media management?

Regardless of the platform, your business has something to say. What matters is where your audience is talking because that’s where you want to spend your effort. Just because your competition use one platform another doesn’t make it right.

You want to explore where your audience is congregating and then start talking.
Though social media isn’t seen as a primary intake channel for paying customers, it is very useful for many reasons.

Increase Brand awareness

Social media is very cost efficient at communicating your brand message. You can start for free on any platform and beginning interact with your potential audience before inviting them to your own profile with clever and engaging content.

Increase traffic

While it may not occur immediately, you CAN increase your website traffic with social media, especially when you use paid social marketing.

Control the conversation

Your audience is having the conversation already. With a social media presence, you avail yourself to participate as opposed to letting your competition win.

Increased authority

It won’t happen immediately, but after awhile, sharing content, whether you’ve created it or endorsed it, will establish you as an authority in the industry. People will come to rely on your advice.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Consumers value their time more than money. That means if they don’t have to stay on hold on the telephone they will be much happier. Responding to tweet or a Facebook message is a great way to engage your audience.

In addition, angry customers vent, but when you are there to turn the conversation, you have the opportunity to turn them into brand champions.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Being present and responding to messages will increase the loyalty your audience has towards your company, especially the millennial generation which is 62 percent more loyal to brands that engage with them on social media.

The Process

Once you voice and profile have been created, we will establish a posting schedule and choose the best type of posts that fit your industry and audience.

Posts may include: Curated industry shares, blog posts, testimonials, tips, facts, quotes, explainer videos, infographics, events, holiday greetings, human element posts, and product or service announcements.
Your chosen platforms will be monitored so we can respond to comments, messages, posts, and any keywords you wish to show authority with.
Company videos and images are highly suggested and can be captured by our in house photography experts if the situation warrants.

We employ an escalation system that puts much of the engagement on autopilot, however serious or technical engagements will be passed through your management team for approval.