Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

With thousands of likes and comments over the years, we’ve created a significant digital footprint on Facebook.

Over time, they’ve created an incredibly complex algorithm that not only takes advantage of the likes, comments, and shares that you’ve given, but infers to other similar things that you may not have seen before. In essence, Facebook knows more about you than you do.

Welcome to Facebook marketing. The company has capitalized on that digital footprint and now offers a simple dashboard system for a business to target for specific elements. Granted due to privacy laws, Canada doesn’t have the same options that other countries enjoy, however the targeting options are significant.
Targeting options include: Age, location, interests, purchase behaviour

Primary Ads

If choosing a direct ad, we use a 10 element perfect ad template that gets results. After we determine the target audience, we’ll craft the ad to appeal directly to their deepest desires.

A landing page will then be crafted to navigate to when the ad is clicked on. A landing page is used to reinforce the sales message and to track the progress of the project, but more importantly to collect contact information.

Boosted Posts.

In some cases, either standard posts can get good traction or you may want to reach a wider audience. A post can be boosted to reach more people for certain durations or budgetary thresholds.

Dark posts

Dark posts are not posted directly to your feed. You do this to segregate your audience to speak to a subset. You can set this up as an ad or as a standard post. It’s a perfect way to offer certain promotions or inform existing clients without sending the message to everyone.


Facebook’s algorithm allows you retarget subsets of your audience that have interacted with certain ads or the page in general. This tactic is best used to draw the audience further down the purchase funnel. You can parse your audience as many times as you want.

Look-alike Audiences

When you have a specific subset audience created, you can use Facebook’s lookalike audiences to reach more people. It will be comprised of people very similar in nature to your primary subset who would have a high likelihood of purchasing.
Subheading: Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

Facebook can work with your existing audiences from other platforms as well. You can upload a list of contacts with email addresses or phone numbers as long as those clients use those contact information points in their Facebook profiles.

The Process

Your demographic choices are wide when choosing an ad or boosting a post.

You also have a choice of placement which usually correlates to the age demographic of the target audience. Younger users usually respond better to ads placed in messenger, and while older audiences respond to feed posts.




Once your budget is chosen, we will continue to monitor the ad’s performance, adjusting messaging and audience as necessary. This applies for both standard and premium AB split testing.